Sunday, September 16, 2007

Week 2

All right, week 2 was again a great week. We camped out at Carlo Col Shelter again. We succeeded in getting the entire north/west side of the boundary from the ME/NH state line to Success Trail done. Yay! (And we saw 2 moose - see Wildlife post)
This week the crew was Sally, Tom, Ray, Ellen, and Emily. Tristan, an AT hiker who helped out on with the Sherpa Train came out and volunteered on day 1 as well.
Here are Tristan, Ray, and Tom cheering to a good first day of work.

After the first day, we split into two teams. Ray, Ellen, and Emily made up one team. We worked from the middle of the north side of the boundary to Maine, then back south to meet up with Sally & Tom, who were working north from the Success Trail. This is us at 161-NH-8, the monument on the ME/NH state line. Ellen's in Maine. Ray's in New Hampshire. Emily's in a little bit of both! Just because our team had the camera, doesn't mean that Sally & Tom weren't working hard, too. Actually, they were probably working harder as a 3 person team can get about twice as much done in a day as a 2 person team. The added benefit of a swamper makes a huge difference.

Ellen & Emily shared time on the saw this week.

Here's Ray digging (with gusto!) for a monument.

This is a before picture of this boundary line. While the terrain wasn't as merciless as last week, it was still pretty overgrown in places. This line was "maintained" in the spring of 2004. Unfortunately, we found that it had to be completely redone, since the brushing, painting, and signing was inadequate considering the threat of encroachment.

One funny story from this week: We stopped for lunch at a monument but had not located it yet. When we did find it, we discovered that Ray had been sitting over it at lunch with his feet literally on either side of it and his lunch sitting right on top of the monument!


  1. Hi Ellen! Looks like y'all are getting a lot done. We finally had a sort-of-fall-like day here. I hope y'all aren't too cold up there. good luck on week 3.

  2. Wow you guys are photogenic. Quelle equipe du tonnerre! :) Thanks for sharing the thrill of the boundary, to liven up our days here plodding away at our computers! ;op
    Take care of yourselves, holler if there's anything we can do from here to help.
    PS- the frech-speak means you're a kick-ass team :)

  3. Sally, Ellen and Co.,

    Sounds like you're making good progress. Glad I was able to help out for a couple of days. I spent a wonderful couple of nights at the Cabin. I hope you get a chance to get up there and meet Honey and Bear. They're wonderful people.

    It was great meeting everyone and best of luck on the rest of the boundary. You're doing great work.

    Clearwater (aka Tristan)