Friday, September 28, 2007

Why We Need Corridor Monitors

Following is the terrain on the north/west side. We can't emphasize enough that this is the kind of terrain and brushiness we are facing on most of this boundary. Now that it has been 20 years since the survey and most of these sections have never had a maintainer, it is unrealistic to think that a single volunteer could walk this boundary let alone clear it by themselves. The necessity of this project and of us having at least a three person crew on these boundaries cannot be underestimated.

Here is what a boundary that has been monitored consistently by a volunteer looks like. It was realtively clear but not painted. There were places that we could even have two people painting and one sawing instead of our normal one painter, one sawyer, and one swamper.



Tom was excited to get to paint blazes instead of clearing or swamping:

Thank you to all of our dedicated corridor monitors out there!!! And thank you Paul Chartier for all of your hard work in the Mahoosucs!

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