Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Walk on the Wild Side - Part II by Sally of the Mahoosucs (AMC Mahoosuc Rover)

For a newest installment of EXTREME AT Boundaries - Mahoosuc Style, check out a great blog piece by Sally Manikan (AMCs Mahoosuc Rover) detailing AMC's amazing boundary reclamation efforts for 2009.  The mileage is starting to add up now and piece together: 8 miles total by ATC/AMC cooperative efforts 2005-2007 + 5.75 miles by AMC (so far this year) = 13.75 miles.  Only 14.25 miles left to go and the majority of the most demanding miles have alraedy been tackled.  But the work is NEVER done.  The challenge now is to find some local conservation minded volunteers interested in taking on a monitoring section to walk at least once/year and keep up on the maintenance before the successional spruce/fir regrowth swallows the boundary markings back up again.  If you're willing and able, sign up now to become a Mahoosuc Corridor Steward.  The LINE needs you!


"Let me admit, right off the bat, that I love boundary work because every day starts and ends with a bushwhack. This summer, I’ve punched through pockets of spruce-fir, scaled 500 foot ledges, and walked cleanly through open hardwood forest. I have the scars on my hands, the holes in my shirts, and, embarrassingly, maybe still the spruce needles in my hair, to prove it."

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