Sunday, September 23, 2007

A Day on the Boundary

Our work days don't just consist of being on the boundary. There's a lot more that goes into a project like this. This week, since our work site is in between two shelters, we are doing day hikes. So, first, we have to get up (now for those of you that know me, this is definitely the hardest part of my day) with complaining muscles and sore legs to start the new day. Then we drive up to Success Pond Road. Then we hike in 3.6 miles to where we stopped the day before (and as we're working trail south, the more progress we make means the longer this distance gets). Then we have to get all of our stuff ready:

There's gas to pour, extra supplies (like paint, nails, and signs) to get ready, and of course, the clearing saw to sharpen. There's Ray and Sally pouring gas into "sigg" fuel bottles, which are easier to carry on the boundary.

There's Emily sharpening her saw - now that she's using the AMC saw every day, she's definitely feeling the love for the saw.

Then we've all got to get suited up for the day. It's too thick and the terrain is too bad to be wearing packs all day, so we all put on what tools and equipment we'll need to work and hump our packs forward when we stop for breaks.
There's Sally with her orange vest on for safety, so it's easier for the person with the clearing saw to see her in the sea of spruce and firs. It also has nails, washers, and flagging tape in its pockets. Then on her belt, she's got a saw, the camera, her water bottles, and US Boundary signs.
Here's a good shot of Ray working, but notice the saw attached to his belt and the orange vest for safety. It also has his water, measuring tapes, and other equipment he'll need as swamper.

Then there's me, Ellen, I've got my saw harness, my camelback, and of course my PPE (personal protective equipment) to put on before I can start using the saw.

This week we again, had some fun stuff to climb over on the boundary to get to where we had stopped the day before.

Then we work all day on the boundary:

Sally obliterating a mistaken blaze, blacked-out 20 years ago.

Me with my saw, yay!

Emily sawing, and Aaron swamping.

Ray digging for a monument.

Then we hike another 3.6 miles home:

It's a great life!

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