Sunday, September 23, 2007

Week 3

This is the halfway point. Yes, we have survived 3 weeks of working on the boundary in the Mahoosucs and are ready for 3 more! This week was awesome! We had great weather, great views, and great people out on the boundary.

For those of you keeping up on our progress (see Maps post from last week). Here is how far we got this week.

We had two crews running 3 of the 5 days this week, so we made a lot of progress.

The east crew consisted of Sally, Ray, & Ellen most of the time, with Adam, Emily, and David (our volunteer camp coordinator) each spending a day on it as well.


These are a before and after of what we're dealing with on the east side of the boundary.

Here's David, our volunteer Camp Coordinator, who came out and volunteered with us on Friday. He's a friend of Sally's and after hearing about the Mahoosucs for 2 years wanted to come and check them out himself. He swamped with Ray and Ellen on Friday. He did an awesome job, though I do think we may have tuckered him out a little! Thanks David for coming out and volunteering! He also helped us get our food stuffs organized and cooked us blueberry pancakes for breakfast on Saturday and cooked us dinner on Saturday, our day off, when we were all too tired to do anything.

The west crew consisted of Emily, Aaron (an AMC staffer who's working with us for 2 weeks and worked with us last year), and Adam (a New England ATC staff), with Sally spending Friday with them after Adam had to go back to the office.

Here's what they were dealing with on the west side of the boundary.

Here's the crew from the west side: Emily with the saw (yes, 2 crews means 2 saws - thanks AMC for letting us use yours), Adam (or as Sally calls him "Tall Dude") and Aaron.

Here's a cool comparison of a 20 year old US Boundary sign and blaze and a new one that Sally had just put up:

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