Friday, September 28, 2007

Wildlife #2

We have learned something about moose in the last weeks. It is that when you are ready with your camera out and a sharp eye, they are no where to be found! And especially if you go out looking for them, then you don't have a chance. But when you are just sitting back in the truck, still a little sleepy since you're on the way to work, with your camera in your bag in the back of the truck BAM! there's a moose. (Don't worry, not BAM in a we hit a moose kind of sense, but in a oh my gosh a huge moose walking on the side of the road!) So, once again, we did not get a picture of moose 4. But we will be more strict with our camera accessibility in the future! Moose 4 was the biggest moose we've seen. He also had the giant moose rack that you always think of when you think of a moose. It was breathtaking! So, once again, here is Stihl standing in for his older brother.

Even without a moose picture, this has been a great week for wildelife! We saw what we thought might be a wolf but is actually a coyote.

We saw a lot of grouse and spruce grouse on the trail. Sometimes they just walk in front of us, but sometimes they fly away with a lot of fuss and noise.

This gal didn't seem bothered by us at all and even stopped for a drink of water while we watched.

The other type of bird that we've been seeing a lot of are grey jays. Tom told us how they are thought to be the ghosts of dead loggers. They are the friendliest, most curious birds I have ever seen. They are this way naturally, not because they have been acclimated or trained by humans. They fly alongside us as we hike and come sit by us as we eat lunch. That is why they are thought to be the ghosts of dead loggers, because of their friendliness and curiosity towards humans. They even came and sat on Ray's and my hands during lunch one day! It was amazing!

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