Sunday, October 7, 2007

A Contest for You

Win a Free Compass

(for current corridor monitors/boundary maintainers only)
Do you want to be cool like these gals on your boundary section?

This week, the boundary team discovered a major defect in some of the new compasses we have. So, we decided to make a contest for all of our corridor monitors and boundary maintainers out there. The first corridor monitor/boundary maintainer to email us back telling us correctly what is wrong with this compass will get a free compass!

Email us back at

Please do not leave your answers as a comment so that everyone can have a chance to figure it out.

Also, if you happen to have one of these compasses with this defect, please email us as well as we are sending them back to get corrected compasses!


  1. You need to come up with a contest where everyone can participate. It would probably result in more comments on your blog, too. Something like, "What do you think will be the final moose count?" Just a thought. -- Amy

  2. PS What is actually wrong with the compass? -- Amy