Sunday, October 7, 2007

The Week of the Cliffs

We dubbed this week the Week of the Cliffs! (Doesn't that sound ominous?) It wasn't too bad, but did lead to some non typical days on the boundary!

We started the week, looking out at this rock cliff:

Here's Sally painting a blaze on the first cliff we encountered:

Here's our view from that first cliff:

Here's the first cliff from below:

It looks a little treacherous, but Safety Officer Ray found us a safe way down. If you look closely, you can see the yellow blaze shining in the middle of that last picture on a darker section of the rock.
We did have to be a bit creative in getting our tools, especially the saw, and packs down. It was a multi-step process passing them down:

The second cliff was a lot more treacherous. We had to cut back to the Trail as there was no safe way down.

The red line is the boundary. You can actually see both the first and second cliffs in this picture. The second cliff is the closer one, and the first is the white spot further uphill.

We had to come in to the bottom of the cliff. Here's Emily painting the first blaze at the bottom of the second cliff:

Then our third cliff that we came upon, we managed to go around it and get back to the boundary after Sally painted a blaze on it, of course:

Sally had a little accident this week not on a cliff, but on a steep downhill on the boundary. She's just fine, but we thought that this comic was amazingly appropriate!

So, that's the Week of the Cliffs. We're definitely Living on the Edge out here in the Mahoosucs!

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