Monday, October 15, 2007

Contest Results!

Thanks to all of you who replied to our compass contest. We had a lot of good answers and a lot of really good tries. Here is a correct compass (on the left) next to our incorrect compass (on the right). If you want to try to figure it out don't keep reading as the winners and their answers are posted below:

And the winner is . . . Frank Dogil, Corridor Supervisor of the AT section from NY Dutchess County 20 to the Connecticut line and Corridor Monitor of a section therein. His correct answer was "The 0-90 quadrants scale bezel is incorrect. It should read 0-90 both east and west from the north and south. I would also like to comment on the ATC Boundary Blog. This is a great place to send prospective corridor monitors to see real projects first hand…nice job."

Other honorable mentions and really well written answers are:

Bernh Lohner, corridor monitor of the Boundary between Rt. 55 and Penny Road(Nuclear Lake) in Dutchess County, NY (both sides). "I got it: The Quadrants are labeld wrong: N and S should be 0 degreesW and S should be 90 degrees. The correct layout is: N -> E goes from 0 to 90 then E to S goes from 90 to 0. The one you have goes from 0 to 90 in both cases. Happy Monitoring."

Ron Rosen (NYNJTC) "Has anyone else yet noticed that these compasses go 0-90 ascending in each quadrant, instead of going 0 to 90 N to E, 90 to 0 E to S, 0 to 90 S to W, and 90 to 0 W to N???"

Frank Klein (long-term & multi-week Konnarock volunteer) "Unless you guys are using an entirely different call system for your bearing readouts up there in Maine-New Hampshire, I'd say the whole number sequencing set up on that compass is reversed in two quadrants, NxxW, and SxxE. Should start at N or S, read the same going either E or W. So how do you guys read them, ? with a little mental gymnastics ?Thanks for the great blog, and the Wow-worthy pics......"

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