Monday, October 15, 2007

Wildlife #3

The Mahoosucs are a great place to see some amazing and different kinds of wildlife. Actually, just being out on the boundary is a great way to see wildlife since your are off trail and not around lots of people.

A beaver dam on the way up to Gentian Pond Shelter. We heard one of the beaver's slap his tail to announce our presence, but we didn't actually see one.

And the beaver's house:

Some more evidence of the beavers:

A little guy living near the dam:

A toad:

This is one of of my favorites, a salamander we saw on the boundary:

A woodpecker:

Woodpeckers have definitely been on this boundary!

Here's some evidence of another visitor to the boundary - a black bear!

Sometimes you don't have to even leave your home to see some cool wildlife. This little guy (a weasel) came and visited us at home and even checked our place out when we accidentally left the door open!

Insects are a pretty cool type of wildlife as well. Here's a great picture Ray got of a little ladybug:

And, of course, moose are an incredible animal that the Mahoosucs are home to. We saw 2 more moose this week bringing our total up to 6, but, alas, got no pictures. So, once again, here's Stihl announcing our moose count:

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