Thursday, October 25, 2007

The Mahoosucs Say Goodbye

Well, after 6 weeks in the Mahoosucs it was time to say goodbye. After all of our wanting to see and get pictures of moose (meese? I still don't know the correct plural!), the Mahoosucs, on our last day, finally cooperated. We figure it was their way of saying goodbye. We saw a young moose early in the morning, then a mama and her baby later that evening. AND we got great pics of the young moose. Maybe she wants to be a model when she grows up. So, after a long wait for good moose pics, here they are:

Apparently, her left side is her good side!

Sorry about no good pics of the mama and her baby. The big black shadowy things with the bright back legs are them. Mama was a bit protective and hurried her baby off into the woods almost as soon as we saw them. They brings our current moose count for the fall boundary trip to 9!

We also saw a saw-whet owl this same day! The owl hung around long enough for us to get some good pics of him, too.

And, the day we left there was snow up on Mt. Washington. Snow is a definite sign for this Southerner to move on. Though, going north to Maine doesn't seem quite the right direction to warm up!

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