Monday, October 15, 2007

Week 6

Week 6! Our last week in the Mahoosucs, and . . . we "got 'r done"! All of the boundary from the Maine line to Gentian pond is cleared, painted, signed, and ready for monitors! This was our goal for this project this year, and it is great knowing that we accomplished it. We're happy to be leaving the Mahoosucs, but not to worry, ya'll! The blog will keep going, and as we're heading up to Maine on Wednesday, we're sure that there'll be lots more fun adventures to post!

This week was pretty much a little bit of everything and more that we've experienced in the Mahoosucs.

There was a little bit of hiking in and hiking out:

At the beginning of the hike in - Emily and Sally are all smiles!

Now, looking a bit more tired on the hike out.

Oh so glad to be back at the cars at the end of the week! Boots off and sitting down!

There was a quite a bit more than a little bit of rain and cold weather:

Emily, Ray, and Ellen soaked but getting some clearing done. Sally's getting soaked, too, as she's taking the picture.

I know, it's surprising to all of you who know me to see me working in (what's that on the trees?) ice!?! I told Sally I would work, but I wasn't sure I would be able to smile!

There was a little bit of sleeping in the shelter and trying to stay warm:

What's that black sleeping bag with a hat? Oh that's where Ray went. He looks warmer than Sally & I do!

There was quite a lot of trying to get our wet clothes to dry out:

There was a little bit of cards at night (Emily beat us all soundly at rummy!):

There was a little bit of help from the Lyme Regional office (thanks Matt Stevens for coming out and helping for a day!)

There was a little cliff that seems more little in the pictures, but took a bit to get down:

Matt & Ray helping Ellen get down.

Ray helping Sally the next day. He even set up a rope for safety to help us get down.

There was a little bit of really thick spruce/fir trees and a little bit of clearing saw action:

There was a little bit of nice hardwoods that we could walk our saws through and paint as we went:

There's Ellen & Emily walking their saws. No more sawing this year in the Mahoosucs. It was a hard goodbye!

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