Monday, November 5, 2007

Week 8/DOC Territory

Our last week of this 2 month trip in New England was spent in Dartmouth Outing Club's section. It was nice and full of hardwoods. Though, of course, the blazes were faded and in dire need of paint. We spent most of our time with and training new volunteers, so we jumped around a bit, but worked predominately in the Pomfret, VT area.

We went out with the Dartmouth Outing Club's Monitor Coordinator, Tom Wheeler, whom y'all have met before. In the second pic, he's showing off his yellow eye makeup!

Sally training new volunteer Brianne to use her maps and compass.

Michael, a local neighbor to the A.T. Corridor in Pomfret and a recent '06 DOC Corridor Monitor recruit spent a morning out with the boundary crew learning some of the the finer points of the maintenance side of the job.

The blaze and sign conditions in all of the areas we worked were definitely in need of maintenance.

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