Wednesday, January 16, 2008

New England Stellar Volunteers of 2007

Tom Wheeler with the Dartmouth Outing Club is a new Monitor Coordinator this year. Tom has been a Corridor Steward (a volunteer role which combines the tasks of Corridor Monitor and Boundary Maintainer) since 2005. He has eagerly taken over this new role and is doing an outstanding job. Even with that and his trail maintaining responsibilities, Tom found the time to volunteer in another club's boundary section with the ATC Boundary Crew in the Mahoosucs this fall for 8 days traveling over 200 miles round trip. His contributions to the Boundary Program this year have been immeasurable. Thanks Tom!

Dave Pirog of AMC-Berkshire is a brand new Corridor Steward. He was trained by Steve Smith, the AMC-Berkshire Monitor Coordinator, and Sally Naser, ATC Boundary Program Manager in July 2007. He then took over a section near Dalton, MA that had gone far too long without much needed maintenance. He initially worked 55 hours in over 9 days in order to clear and identify his 8 mile boundary section. He then put in an additional 41.5 hours to repaint & resign this section. Thanks to Dave's hard work, all 80 monuments were found and the boundary is now ready for yearly monitoring. Thanks Dave! Keep up the great work!

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