Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Why You Should Be A Corridor Monitor

Do you . . .?

(If you answer yes to one or more of these, then there's a special place for you in the boundary program as a corridor monitor! Email us at ATCBoundary@gmail.com)

Have a sense of adventure?

Enjoy getting off-trail and seeing places that not many people get to see?

Enjoy bushwhacking with maps & a compass?

Really like getting your feet wet?

Have kids you want to teach about the importance of our natural places?

Love the environment and want to volunteer to protect it (here volunteers are closing down an ATV trail through the corridor)?

Want to be a trail amabassador and educate our trail neighbors about the AT?

Want to hang out in the snow with new friends?

Want to hang out in the rain with new friends?

Want to hang out in warm weather with new friends?

Like painting, nailing up signs, and/or cutting back brush?

Enjoy a good old treasure hunt, where "X" marks the spot?

And are you a salamander-lover, moose-lover, owl-lover, porcupine-lover, dog-lover, or animal-lover of all kinds? Help us protect them and their habitat by becoming a corridor monitor!


  1. YEAH!!! An update. That picture of the porcupine is really awesome.

  2. Hey Sally - Just read the article about your work in the ATC Journies mag. Excellent article!
    Stay warm. Stay well. All the best.